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The number 9-1-1 is, of course, for "life and death" EMERGENCIES. However if you need Police, Fire or Medical for non-emergencies inside Lee County then you need to also dial 9-1-1 and state to the dispatcher that you have do not have an emergency. The 9-1-1 number is the RESPONSE number for all Lee County emergency services. A response is anytime you need a Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Fire Truck, Rescue Squad, or Ambulance to come to your home or business.

A 9-1-1 call results from a situation when someone needs help or needs a response. Our dispatchers at 9-1-1 are trained and experienced in getting you the best help. It is vital for the caller to state certain information to the Dispatcher so that they can provide you with the most appropriate help in a timely manner. It may seem that the Dispatcher is asking alot of questions, but be certain, that all the questions are necessary.


As you can see there are several vital pieces of information that go into a 9-1-1 call. The location can be either your address or an intersection of any street inside Lee County. Always be sure that you specify any special directions that may help locate where the emergency is taking place such as apartment number, lot number or house description. The type of call indicates the nature of the situation and whether this is a call for Police, Fire, Medical or all three agencies. The name and telephone number is important to us in case we get disconnected or need to call you back for updated information that needs to be relayed to responding units. The date and times of all calls for service are kept for report and records keeping purposes. If your call is involving a vehicle such as a possible drunken driver or reckless driver please make sure to get a vehicle description and tag number if it is safe to do so. Please be mindful of your own safety!

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