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The 9-1-1 telephone number is for life and death emergencies primarily. The word response refers to any situation emergency or non emergency that you are in need of a response from any police, fire or medical agency. Since the District is a consolidated dispatch center the contact number for almost all the various agencies that serve Lee County. There are however some instances in which a 9-1-1 call is not neccessary.

When you should call 9-1-1:
  1. If you witness a wreck, fight or suspicious activity.
  2. If you see a fire or potential for a fire to occur.
  3. If you need an amublance or rescue sqaud.
  4. If you need to speak to an Officer for advice in a possible law enforcement matter.
  5. If you need to make arrangements to have an officer stand by while you pick up personal items, belongings or drop off children.
When you should not call 9-1-1:
  1. If your power is out and you DO NOT have an immediate medical emergency.
  2. If you need to know the time or the temperature.
  3. If you need to know a telephone number that is in the phone book.
  4. If your cable TV is out.
  5. If you need a new address for a new construction.

At our E-911 facility we are dedicated to providing you with accurate and convenient access to the different Police, Fire or Medical agencies that operate within Lee County. We are responsible for dispatching the Jonesville and Pennington Gap Police Departments, as well as the Lee County Sheriff’s  Department and the Virginia State Police, the Thomas Walker , Jonesville , Pennington Gap,  St. Charles,  Keokee, Stickleyville, Dryden, Blackwater, and Jasper  Volunteer Fire Departments,  also the Thomas Walker, Jonesville, Pennington Gap, St. Charles, and Keokee Rescue Squads, the Friendship Ambulance Service, and  the Animal-Warden, Game-Warden, the Forestry Department, as well as VDOT on certain occasions..

Why so Many Questions ???? When you call 911 it is our duty to get you the help that you need ASAP. If you call for a medical emergency it may seem like we are asking too many questions and not realizing your need for help. Often times however another dispatcher has help on the way while you are talking to 911. Dispatchers are trained to provide basic first aid instructions, pre-birth arrangements or CPR instructions over the phone. We can help! Also we ask questions to make sure that the help you need finds you. Detailed house descriptions, apartment or lot numbers, special instructions (such as come to the back door, doors are locked, etc) are vital to assisting us in meeting your need. And finally if a situation changes then responding units need to be updated accordingly. Asking questions can help us to better help you!


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