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Traditional landbased telephones have been in use for decades now. Making a 911 call over a landline telephone is similar to the way that you make any other telephone call. When you call 911 from a landline phone certain information is automatically supplied such as the address and telephone number. It is still important for us to verify that we have the correct information on our end and are sending the emergency responders to the correct location. The data that appears as the telephone call comes in is supplied by the local telephone company and is displayed under the subscribers name. A call from a landline phone can prove to be invaluable to both the caller and the 911 operator as if there was a situation in where the caller was unable to talk, 911 could most likely obtain from where it was that someone called.

A majority of people still utilize the traditional landbased telephone calls to contact the 911 service. However communications technologies are growing rapidly in both their use and complexity, with many new devices being made available daily. As new and more popular choices become available 911 centers across the country are being tasked with updating and adapting to meet the various needs of the citizens that they serve.


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